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How to Handle Rubbish Removal in your South Kensington Office

You want to live in a clean and healthy environment but what about your workplace? The businesses in South Kensington generate a considerable amount of commercial waste too. We cannot live in a healthy environment if we do not change the way we deal with rubbish at our workplace. Recycling office rubbish is the way to go. Whether you are a business owner or just an employee you need to consider the effect office waste has on your personal life. Eco-friendly rubbish removal is essential to keeping nature clean. Organising regular rubbish clearance is a good start. Here you can find some tips on how to recycle office rubbish.

Things that businesses in South Kensington produce include:

  • office paper - white paper
  • confidential papers
  • mixed paper - coloured paper, envelopes, leaflets, magazines and newspapers
  • cardboard
  • shredded paper
  • printer cartridges
  • food boxes and drink cans
  • plastic bottles and cups
  • electrical equipment – copiers, computers and floppy disks

The first thing to do is reduce the amount of paper you and the whole team at your South Kensington office use. Before sending anything for rubbish removal you need to:

  1. Cut your consumption in half by using both sides of paper when making copies.
  2. Reuse unwanted paper by shredding it and using it as packing material.
  3. Avoid colour printing as it requires more ink.
  4. Reuse boxes. You can use them to send shipments or to collect paper for recycling.
  5. Consider buying recycled paper.
  6. Communicate with clients and colleagues via email. This will save thousands of trees.
  7. Store manuals and documents online.
  8. Install air dryers in the common areas and bathrooms.
  9. Avoid paper packets by buying cream and sugar dispensers.
  10. Focus on paper recycling. Put a paper cycling bin next to every copier, fax machine or printer and hire a rubbish removal company to take care of the collection of the bins. When hiring a rubbish removal in South Kensington make sure that it will dispose of your waste the eco-friendly way.

Other things to consider include transportation, electricity and cleaning.

Use fuel-efficient vehicles and you will reduce greenhouse gas emissions. You can encourage your employees to bike or walk to work. If your employees can work from home why make them travel to work? This will reduce the stress and make the process more hassle-free. You can encourage them by offering them bonuses for green commuting. You can also offer them bonuses if they take part in the waste collection process. If you are an employee you can ask your manager if these options seem viable to them.

To reduce your energy consumption you can:

  • Switch to fluorescent bulbs.
  • Turn off lights and other electrical equipment when not in use.
  • Use natural lighting.
  • Use energy Star fixtures.
  • Change your thermostat.
  • Go for smaller monitors and banish screen savers.

When cleaning your office you should keep a few things in mind:

  • Use non-toxic cleaning products.
  • Provide filtered water and reusable cups.
  • Use reusable dishes, glasses and silverware for luncheons.
  • Hire a company that offers eco-friendly services.

If you generate waste in your business, you need to find a legal way to dispose of it without causing pollution. Your best option is to use a rubbish disposal company that is eco-conscious and won’t charge you the earth for their services. Many waste disposal companies offer low-cost services that can be tailored to the needs of the business owners in South Kensington.

Decide how you’re going to go about getting rid of everything

Once you’ve cleared everything, the next step is to figure out how you’re going to dispose of it from your office. As has been previously mentioned, if you’ve got a tonne of stuff you’re chucking away – especially large, awkwardly shaped and weighted items – there’s no way you can rely on your local bin men to take care of the job. Either get a vehicle big enough, make several trips to and from your designated rubbish disposal site, or get a team of waste removal experts to handle absolutely everything for you.



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